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No Uniform = No Government School.

Crazy in such poor country but that’s how it is

$27 USD will send 1 child to school this year

Please note: Paypal uses US dollars so perhaps adjust your donation amount to the conversion rate for your country.

It is a fact that the price of a uniform in 3rd world countries saves lives for girls and lifts boys and girls from the cycle of poverty. If they can stay at school for even a couple more years - they marry much later and this ensures girls bodies are further developed so critically minimising the risk of deaths at, or soon after childbirth! Educated couples also have less children and often run small home based businesses ensuring their children are better fed and educated. Amazing the benefits a few extra years of schooling produces for these subsistence farming children!

ODA has undertaken to run yearly Uniform fund raising to support these intelligent, but poor village children. $27 delivers 2 uniform sets, undies, sneakers and socks and an insecticide impregnated mosquito net. We consistently distribute over 300 sets ready for the start of the new school year in October. It doesn’t have to be $27 - any $ amounts swell the pool so we can supply to as many needy children as possible.

Last year at distribution day - the District Governor implored parents to make the most of the kindness flowing from kind overseas people thru ODA to support their children in school – telling them to think twice about taking their children out of school to help the family saying “Remember – once you spend your money it’s gone – but knowledge is always there for you throughout your life!”

ODA is very grateful for Uniform Fund support – it goes straight to the students and young kids who need it. Many come to Leng asking if he can support them to stay at school as their parents have told them they can’t continue. They are such keen students and the price of a uniform each year is a big factor in their being able to continue their education.