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ODA welcomes native English speakers to work with us teaching English we apologise to other nationalities but we have found it is very difficult for the children to understand lessons with changing accents.

We are sure you will understand that everything we do has to be in the children's best interests.

In line with Child Safe policies - Police & medical checks and references are required prior to acceptance on all long and short term volunteers & we would urge you to undertake a short TESL or ESL type course if at all possible prior to coming to ensure you and the children get the most out of your volunteer experience.

We try to have one long term fully qualified teacher who also has TESL training, preferably with TESL teaching experience.  A 3-6 months minimum period is required for this person to minimize disruption to the children's English learning – please contact us if you fulfill this criteria and are interested.

We then accept shorter term volunteers for a minimum of 1 month (but prefer 3 month blocks which is less disruptive for the children's learning) - who bring education art, craft or special interest skills to enrich the children's learning experiences.

These time blocks need to be booked well prior for formalities to be attended to, and also to ensure you aren't disappointed and arrive to find us already fully staffed. ODA is quite small so only takes 2-3 volunteers at any one time. ODA will have a curriculum book for volunteers to work from to ensure continuity for our children.

Classes are conducted twice daily to fit with children's Khmer school attendance. The ODA location is approx 10 kms of flat shaded road from Siem Reap and a very pleasant bicycle ride to & from each day.

Volunteers will be supplied with a Volunteer tag to facilitate their passing the Guard check point for the Temple entry. It should be noted that it doesn't allow them to view or photograph the Temples, and strong fines are imposed for visitors without the official day pass for those activities.

Assisting classes in the outlying villages program, some 40 kms out of Siem Reap, is included in the volunteers program and is a highlight for our volunteers. Transport is supplied for these sessions.

University students required to do terms of Social & Community Study work blocks or similar of 4-6 weeks, are particularly welcome.  The combination of ODA itself & the outlying Village English schools & kindergartens supply a rich mix of local culture for your studies and personal growth.

Charges apply simply to cover costs. Please apply for details direct to ODA or thru Travel to Teach. 

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