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Our Needs

Financing the regular day to day basics is the challenge. ODA now has 33+ children and they are growing fast - so are consuming far more food than before – a bag of rice used to last 8-9 days & now it is gone in 4 days. Chicken has risen to a price that they can no longer afford except for very special occasions & all other foodstuffs have risen considerably. Fuel is another big expense now prices have risen there as well.

The running cost for the last calendar year was $45,978 so an average of $3831.50 per month. This is covering only the normal basics – see itemisation below. Not an easy task to raise these funds in Cambodia and overseas Art Exhibitions from art sales but Leng likes the children to see ODA striving for self funding not just grow up with a mentality of expectation and living on handouts.

ODA's Overseas Art exhibitions not only assist greatly in this funding but the children's % of their individual sold works, is banked towards their University or further training after they finish school. Teaching them the importance of saving and planning – something not often possible in Cambodia for the majority of people.

ODA Monthly Budget

$2150 3 meals per day (Rice, fish, pork, beef, vegetables, oil and spices.)
$204 Gasoline & diesel (Mini Bus, moto, loan car, generator)
$100 Payment to allow to sell in the Temples
$207.50 Mandatory education tuition costs at local govt. schools
$100 Uniforms, flip flops etc (monthly av for one academic year)
$50 Books, pens, course Books etc
$20 General Clothing
$60 Detergent dish/cloths, mops brooms shampoo etc
$40 Sheets, mattresses, bath towels, misc household items
$160 Painting supplies (Oil & Acrylic paint, canvas, brushes etc)
$20 Packaging
$345 Wages (Leng, Sry On and Village School Teachers)
$375 Extra maintenance and improvements (as finances allow)