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ODA Wishlist

$ donations towards the Uniform Fund. $27 inc’s 2 sets of uniforms, undies, sneakers and socks and a mosquito net.
$ donations to enable us to purchase specific requirements.
Rice – your tuk tuk can help
Protein meals ($'s towards)
Ink for printer ($'s towards)
Shampoo & dish & clothes detergent
Dish sponges & body towels
School supplies & back packs
Blue & red whiteboard markers
Face paint
Write & wipe education & fun books
Hair elastics for girls
Toy cars trucks etc for boys
Building blocks & other educative toys

Please don't feel you need to donate or bring gifts but of course we are very grateful to kind people who wish to help to support all the children.

ODA isn't a Tourist Attraction but a home stay education project for all the children. You are very welcome to visit the children's Gallery & view their talented paintings when you are touring around the Angkor Temples in Siem Reap – you may even see the children in class, practicing their magic tricks or playing football etc – however we ask that you remember this is their 'home'& respect their privacy & minimize disturbance if they are in the middle of classes.


ODA is a small grass roots organization with no overheads so please be assured all moneys are received directly for the children's welfare. Paypal minimizes fees so maximizing your contribution, and it also provides you with a receipt so you know it has reached ODA safely. When these records are forwarded to us we send our thanks to you and an ODA receipt. When these records are forwarded to us we send our thanks to you and an ODA receipt. Please see the OUR NEEDS tab for an average monthly expenditure breakdown for ODA to see just how money is spent. ODA strives to fund itself by art work and is on track but it is a fact of life it wouldn't be able to adequately care for the children without the art purchases and kind donations of generous tourists, friends and volunteers, who visit the orphanage and host or support the overseas Art Exhibitions.. Leng, Sry On and their three children live simply in a single room between the orphanage's two dormitories.

If you are donating to the Uniform Fund, ODA Free Village English Schools, or are AMA passengers, please make a note on paypal 2nd step where it has a box for – ‘Additional Comments’ - or email us notifying us how to allocate it, so we follow your wishes correctly. The schools and Uniform Fund recipients are very grateful for your assistance.

You may prefer to donate your time and help us by hosring an ODA Art Exhibition in your country. These provide the largest segment in our funding model and we are very very grateful for kind people who are willing to take this on. Please email us if you would like more information.

One of our volunteers in USA kindly set up a PayPal account to accept donations. ODA has taxation benefits in USA via Project Kids Art, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (quote this on your tax details). PayPal is the most popular and secure on-line payment method. Simply use the ODA PayPal account, just click on the Donate button on the right side of this page to access the secure server and follow the prompts. ODA BANK DETAILS PDF


Alternatively you can donate via international bank transfer. Just click on the pdf button, on the right of here, for bank details. Print these details out and take them with you to your bank.  Please note that bank charges are a minimum of $20 your end & $10 ODA’s end (PayPal charges are far smaller.)

We kindly request that you email us if you use the bank method so we can watch for your deposit to hit our bank & we will email you when it arrives as bank statements are not so clear here.

ODA Cambodia is a charity registered with the Interior Ministry of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

In some countries ( USA, UK, Japan and many EU Countries) donations to registered charities are tax-deductible. Australia is not possible for small organizations such as ODA unfortunately.

Please check with the authorities of your own country for more information.