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Few adventurous travelers venture beyond the boundaries and wonders of Siem Reap's amazing ancient Temples, Angkor Wat and surrounding complexes – but if they were to look a little harder they would encounter something far more enriching to their souls in the form of a wonderful ODA ‘Family residence’ for disadvantaged children, set in the Temple precinct – built on a dream by a wonderful Khmer couple – an Art Refuge - providing a creative, educative and loving environment for these happy but disadvantaged children.

Click on the video below to capture the happiness at this simple but enchanting ‘Grass roots home’.


ODA is a registered NGO & operates on two levels:

1 - The ODA Home stay school - to fully care for & guide the children who live there with a traditional Khmer respectful, caring life & a full education for them to meet the changing face of Cambodia's future.

2 - To provide free English education to outlying village children in order they may be qualified for employment in the future & break the cycle of poverty for them & their families.


To allow the ODA children the luxury of a childhood but preparing them mentally and physically for their future outside in the harsh environment that is still Cambodia today. Creativity and education are the priorities along with loving care and encouragement.

General Information

ODA is a government registered NGO educator and the 7 ODA English schools are registered with the Siem Reap District Education Authority who oversea the yearly exams. With 33 plus children living full time at ODA and over 700 poor subsistence farm children in remote outlying villages studying at the 7 ODA schools with free ODA English classes, - as you can imagine, education work, text books & other education supplies are always in demand.

There are currently 12 students studying at university with approx half support from the ODA University fund which is donated by kind people who wish to assist education for poor children here. Leng feels it’s important the students contribute so they appreciate the assistance.

The students realize they are very lucky and work hard to attain good results yearly.